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Embracing a sustainable development

Ever since the establishment of Empiria Group, with the inauguration of the first property in Santorini, Vedema Resort, the company has remained very attached to the local community and always strives for sustainability in various ways, either within the properties themselves or through its engagement in many actions of both social and environmental character.

Sustainability is a very important pillar for us, that we wish to embrace in every new step we take in our development and strategy. The company has done an important charitable work so far (donation to elderly houses, poorhouses, organisation for drug addicts, structures for stray animals, donation of equipment to education structures).

Very engaged also in the environmental protection, Empiria Group have partnered with the Cyclades Preservation Fund for the Me & My Plastic environmental educational program in Santorini & the Greening Schools program with the creation of a botanical garden in a primary school in Paros

So far, the Me & My Plastic program has been implemented in the primary school of Pyrgos, Santorini as well as of Thirassia and has been attended by 15O students. The botanical garden in the primary school of Naoussa as well as the installation of the composting system with earthworms was completed in May 2021, in which the 290 students of the school participated. Now, the students are excited to see their leftovers from their snacks converted through this system into compost for the herb garden. During this short time period that the school operated, in total 20 kilos of food waste were converted into 10 litres of liquid fertilizer.

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