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Our Purpose


Joy. It’s inside.

Waiting for the door to open, so the light can flood out.

Empiria creates space for joy.

Locations for elevated experiences that connect us to what matters.

Space to explore and discover, to relax and rebalance.

Space for spontaneity, where joy flourishes in all its glorious forms.

Experience the richness of Greek culture.

Forget your aspirations and remember your foundations.

In your own time.

With room to look for joy inside.

Empiria. Space for joy.


Finding joy means we’re here as champions of joyful exploration. We believe that joy is inside us all, our role is to create the space for each of us to discover it.

Always elevating means creating an environment for excellence that allows our people to learn and grow. It’s our commitment to constantly improve the experiences we create.

Exuding passion means showing and sharing how we feel. Connecting over what’s meaningful to each other is key to successful relationships and achieving excellence together.

Being a leader means we’re comfortable taking risks and practising innovation. We build bravery at all levels and do what’s right, not what’s easy or expected.

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