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Mr. E is an aristocrat of today. Nobody sees him but you feel him. Born in Santorini, at Istoria, a Member of Design Hotels, Mr E embodies the culture of the island as a concept.

Parīlio, a Member of Design Hotels connects with the local Parian cuisine and pays tribute to old traditional recipes and local produce seen through the eyes of Mr. E, a global explorer of today, that anchored in Paros to connect his past with the present. Executive Chef Alexandros Tsiotinis has built a reputation on his distinct style of cooking in which classic flavors are reborn through a contemporary filter. As such, at Mr. E diners are treated to a menu that glides through the island’s culinary history with ease, presenting dishes that combine traditional recipes and local produce with Tsiotinis’ modern presentation.

“Paros is a place that smells tradition. The colors, the aro- mas, but also the people; here you think that they have stopped time to stay loyal to something real — sometimes old, sometimes subversive. This was my source of inspiration for the menu of Mr. E. The creation of a menu that will transform tradition into something fresher and more inventive, but above all, real, just like the essence of our cuisine.”
– Alexandros Tsiotinis

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